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Our Treatments

Dental Implants

A long-lasting solution to tooth loss

Replacing those missing teeth is extremely important and can help restore your full chewing ability and prevent neighbouring teeth to crowd, tip or fall out as well

Teeth are made to last a lifetime, but sometimes, people lose their teeth due to dental trauma, tooth decay and gum disease. Dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. They are artificial roots placed into the jaw which act as an anchor or strong foundation for a crown or the replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth.

All the New Smiles dentists have extensive experience of fitting dental implants and they use only world leading implant systems from the likes of Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Bego which all combine state-of-the-art dental engineering with truly flawless aesthetics.

Why not call today to discuss whether dental implants would be the best treatment option for you? Most people are suitable and they deliver outstanding results that can transform your smile.

Our Prices from £460 Typical UK Price £800 Save 43%

Crowns & Bridges

An great solution for damaged teeth

Chipped or fractured teeth, broken down fillings, or teeth that are malformed or discoloured are all conditions that can affect your smile.

Crowns are an ideal way to repair teeth that are damaged, or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling. They can also be used to cover a large filling to help keep it in place, and they can protect a tooth recovering from root canal treatment.

Multiple crowns are also used to hold a bridge in place. Their purpose is to restore each tooth to its normal shape and size, while both strengthening and improving its appearance.

Crowns are available in a variety of different materials and new materials are continually being introduced. The most popular include porcelain fused to metal, full ceramic and zirconium. Our dentists offer the full range of crowns to suit your clinical needs and your pocket.

To find out more about crowns and whether they are right for you get in touch today on 0203 865 3914 or start a live chat via our website.

Our Prices from £200 Typical UK Price £450 Save 56%


Smile with confidence

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the tooth surface to create a spectacular new smile.

This treatment is extremely versatile and is often used to close gaps, align crowded or protruding teeth or lighten tooth colour. We can also use them to replace lost enamel and give strength to weakened teeth.

One of the biggest advantages of dental veneers is that the procedure is very quick, and you won’t need to go through long periods of treatment before experiencing spectacular results.

All our veneers are custom-made for each patient, so they match the shade, size and shape of your natural teeth for a perfect finish and flawless smile. This means they are not only very natural looking but very durable too.

If you’d like to discuss how veneers could create your perfect smile, contact us today.

Our Prices from £310 Typical UK Price £550 Save 44%


Treat yourself to a brand new smile in a day

This treatment is a cost-efficient, graftless solution that provides patients with fixed full-arch implants on the day of surgery.

All-on-4 (or ‘Teeth in a day’) is a revolutionary new technique whereby a whole arch of failing teeth is replaced with dental implants in a single visit.  Teeth are removed; implants placed and high-quality fixed temporary teeth are fitted, all without the patient needing to leave the Clinic.

All-on-4 is particularly effective for patients who lack sufficient bone mass and may have been discouraged in the past by the need for time-consuming, painful and costly bone grafting procedures prior to placing dental implants.

And for those patients who have suffered ill-fitting dentures or mobile, failing teeth for years, the provision of stable, comfortable, natural-looking teeth through dental implants really can restore that self-confidence and vitality that has often been lost.

Why not call today to discuss whether All-on-4 is right for you.

Our Prices from £6,000 Typical UK Price £11,000 Save 45%

Smile Makeovers

The smile you've always wanted

By using the perfect blend of cosmetic dental procedures and facial aesthetics you can treat yourself to a complete smile makeover.

Whether you just want a few minor changes to the front of your teeth or a whole smile transformation we can use the perfect combination of teeth whitening, dental implants and cosmetic dental procedures to give you beautiful, long lasting and comfortable solution.

Our dentists also have extensive training and experience in facial aesthetics treatments which means they an rejuvenate your appearance by treating those tell-tale facial lines and wrinkles associated with ageing skin, such as crow’s feet, nose to mouth lines, horizontal brow lines and marionette lines.

If you’d like more information on how a full smile makeover can help turn back the clock get in touch today

Our Prices from £600 Typical UK Price £1,500 Save 60%

Our Prices

Treatment Our Price Typical UK price
Dental health check/Consultation FREE  £75
Digital X-ray FREE  £40 
Conscious (Oral) sedation £330 (all day/beginning to end of treatment)  £250 (per hour) 
Panoramic X-ray (Radiograph) FREE  £50 
CBCT (CT Scan) £75 (upper & lower jaw)  £200 
Dental hygiene treatment (incl. scale & polish) £40  £80 
Composite filling £45  £100 
Root Canal Treatment £50 (per canal)  £250 - £650 (incisor/premolar/molar) 
Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry    
Metal-ceramic crown (porcelain fused to metal) £200 £450
E-MAX ceramic crown £300 £750 
Zirconium (ceramic) crown £330 £800 
Veneer £310 

£650 (E-MAX)

£550 (Zirconium) 

Acrylic dentures £400 (upper or lower)  £700
Ceramic inlay/onlay £210  £500 
Laser (Zoom) Teeth Whitening £250  £500 
Oral surgery & dental implants    
Bone graft (incl. materials) From £350  £600 - £1,100 
Sinus Lift (incl. materials) From £625  £800 - £1,800 
Dental implant - advanced (Nobel Biocare) £650 £1,200 - £1,500
Dental implant - standard (Alpha) £460  £800 - £900 
Advanced Titanium Abutment - including ceramic crown £415  £950 - £1,100 
Standard Titanium Abutment - including ceramic crown £365  £750 - £950 
Zirconium Abutment & Crown £625  £1.000 - £1.500 
All on 4 (Same Day Teeth) From £6,000 (per jaw)  £9,000 - £13,000 (per jaw)